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Con éste analizador Cerex multi-gas con tecnología UVDOAS es posible monitorear distancias lineales (fenceline) que incluso excedan 1000 metros. Muy bajo costo de consumibles y mantenimiento asi como mínimas necesidades de infraestructura para su operación).

Algunas de las especies detectables son:  acetaldehidos, acroleína, amonia, benzeno, 1,3-butadieno, disulfito de carbon, cloro, dióxido de cloro, etilbenceno, formaldehidos, sulfuro de hidrógeno, naftaleno, óxido de nitrógeno, dióxido de nitrógeno, ozono, fenol, estireno, dióxido de azufre, tolueno, m-, o-, p-xilenos.

Algunos ejemplos de aplicaciones pueden incluir refinerías, incineradores, polos industriales, otras industrias petroquímicas, cementeras, minería, remediación medioambiental o monitoreo ambiental y de calidad de aire, etc.

Opcionalmente: C1 Div 2 A-D HAZLOC

EPA 40 CFR 63.658, BAAQMD Rule 12-15 y SCAQMD Rule 1180 compliance.

Cerex UV Sentry Specifications: Standard Model
General Specifications  
Applications (TYP) Continuous Perimeter Ambient Air Monitoring (PAAM) , LDAR Monitoring ,
General Fugitive Emissions Monitoring, HAZMAT Response Monitoring
Analyzer Type Open Path Mono-static Multi-Gas Analyzer (uses transceiver and retro-reflector)
Measurement Principle UVDOAS – Beer’s Law
User Interface Embedded PC with touchscreen interface
Real Time Analytic Software Cerex Continuous Monitoring Software (CMS)
Operating System Windows 8, 10
Remote User Interface Remote control over WiFi, Ethernet, Internet
Measurement Technology Cerex UVDOAS
Detector 1044 Pixel spectrometer (TE Cooled QE)
Spectrometer Resolution 0.20 Nanometer (TE Cooled QEP)
UV Source 100W Super Quiet Xenon Lamp
Operational Wavelengths 225-415 nanometers
Linear Monitoring Distance 1300 meters (Xenon source)
Total Sample Path Length 2600 meters
Dynamic Range Target gas specific, automated dynamic reference selection for enhanced range
Concentration Measurement Accuracy ±3% Reading TYP
Concentration Measurement Precision ±5% Reading TYP
Humidty Influence Immune to interference due to water vapor
Temperature Influence Temperature controlled spectrometer
Zero Drift No drift, automated spectral intensity matching
Span Drift Not Applicable – Inherent calibration
Data Acqusition Rate 30 – 400 milliseconds TYP
Data Output Rate 10 S – 5 Min TYP, user configurable
Real Time Spectral Subtraction Target and background gas specific spectral subtraction routine based on automated simultaneous multi-peak analysis correlation
Zero Calibration (Natural Background) Fully automated clean air background acquisition based on target gas detection
Zero Calibration (Synthetic Background) Fully automated synthetic zero updated each acqusition cycle – Does not require clean air for zeroing instrument.
Span Calibration Not required, calibration is inherent in digital reference file used for gas quantification.
Calibration Correction To sixth order polynomial correction equation
Quality Assurance Cell Analyzer includes permanent mount internal sample cell for quality assurance audit
QA Cell Path Length 0.04669 m
QA Cell Dimensions 2.3495 cm L x 13.0378 cm DIA
QA Cell Volume 0.3136 L
QA Cell Inlet Port 1/4″
QA Cell Outlet Port 3/8″
UV Source Replacement 2000 Hour Half-Life Warranty (Xenon and Deuterium sources)
Optics Cleaning (analyzer and retro-reflector) All exposed optics in system may be cleaned with household glass cleaner
Analyzer Internal Optics No cleaning necessary
User Interface Touchscreen PC with Windows, Remote control over Ethernet and WiFi
Data Output .CSV  via Ethernet and WiFi, Modbus TCP/IP
Data Output Options RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, MODBUS RTU, Email
User Configurable Alarms Fully configurable concentration and rolling average concentration alarm functionality
Network Scalable multi-node network to single workstation, PLC or database
Optional cellular modem or secure RF modem
Peripherals Via type A USB Port
Data Acquisition (Digital) Optional Serial or MODBUS I/O
Data Acquisition (Analog) Optional 8 Channel 16 Bit ADC Interface
Atmosphere Classification Non-hazardous atmospheres only (HAZLOC Optional)
Operating Temperature 0 to +40ºC (extended ranges optional)
Operating Humidity 0-100%
Analyzer Enclosure Painted steel, anodized aluminum
Analyzer Dimensions 28″L x 12.125″W X 11.125″D
Analyzer Weight 24 Kg (53lbs)
Analyzer Alignment Mechanism Heavy duty gear driven pan and tilt head (PN 282264)
Analyzer Mount Fixed mount: Mount adapter PN 88475 or operator supplied 1.25″ O.D. pole
Portable mount: Heavy duty tripod PN 282265
Electrical Requirements 110VAC or 240VAC , Single Phase 50-60Hz, 5 Amp MAX
Electircal Connection  
WAN & LAN Connection External RJ-45
USB Connection External Type A