El CerexMS Shepherd es un analizador multi-gas FTIR portable. Detecta hasta 385 especies gaseosas, 100+ USEPA HAPs, incorpora una celda interna de 22 metros de paso óptico y detector Cryo-cooled MCT. Estas características permiten niveles de detección del orden de las ppb.

Shepherd FTIR Specifications (Portable FTIR Multi-gas Analyzer)
General parameters
Measuring principle FTIR
Performance Simultaneous analysis of up to 50 gas compounds
Response time, T90 Typically < 120s, depending on the gas flow and measurement time.
Operating temperature Short term 0-40⁰C, long term 5-30⁰C, non-condensing
Storage temperature -20⁰C-60⁰C non-condensing
Power supply 100 to 240 VAC/50-60Hz
Run Time 3.5 Hour Battery, Continuous AC
Power consumption Average 120W; Max 300W
Resolution User configurable: 0.5cm-1, 2cm-1, 4cm-1, 8cm-1, 16cm-1, 32cm-1
Scan frequency 6 scans/s (@ 32wn resolution)
Detector Standard: Sterling Cooled MCT, (Optional Application Dependent: 2 stage Peltier cooled MCT)
Source SiC, 1550K
Beamsplitter ZnSe
Window material ZnSe
Wave number range 600-4200 cm-1
Sample cell
Structure Multi-pass: 16.8 meters to 21.6 meters.
Standard materials Aluminum; Aluminum Oxide, PTFE, Rhodium, Nickel coatings available
Mirrors Protected gold coating
Volume 3.4 liters
Connectors Standard inlet 18mm Parket Quick Connect, Standard outlet 18mm; Inlet adapter to Swagelok 6mm
Gaskets Viton
Temperature 50⁰C maximum
Window material AR coated ZnSe
Measuring parameters
Zero point calibration 24 hours typical, N2 or Zero-Air (Not required if using synthetic background func- tionality)
Zero point drift < 2% of measuring range per zero point calibration interval
Sensitivity drift None
Linearity deviation < 2% of measuring range
Temperature drifts < 2% of measuring range per 10K temperature change
Pressure influence < 1% change of measuring value for 1% sample pressure change. Ambient pressure changes measured and compensated
Additional Specifications
Additional Specifications Maximum signal to noise ratio (root mean square, 60s, 4 cm-1, at peak response): 50,000: 1
Signal sampling: 24-bit ADC
Short-term stability: < 0.09 %
Temperature stability: < 1 % per C˚
Frequency repeatability (@ 1918 cm-1): < 0.001 cm-1
Frequency accuracy (@ 1918 cm-1): < 0.06 cm-1
Electrical connectors
Digital interface Direct control through touchscreen interface. Type A USB for data retrieval and ac- cessories. WiFi, RJ45 LAN, and RJ45 WAN Ports for local or internet based remote control using MODBUS TCP or VNC.
Power connection MIL-C-26482 environment resistant circular Amphenol PT series.
PSS (Portable Sampling System) connection Parker ST high flow quick connect.
Gas inlet and outlet conditions
Gas temperature 50C Maximum
Flow rate 1-100 LPM, 6 LPM Typ.
Gas filtration Internal 5 micron filter
Sample gas pressure Ambient: Temperature and Pressure Correction
Sample pump Internal
A/D converter Dynamic range 109 dB
Signal processor Dedicated FPGA and 32-bit floating point 1500MFLOPS CPU
computer Integrated Touchscreen PC
Post Collection Analysis Software (for external PC)
Operating system Windows 7,8,10
Analysis software Cerex Data Processor
Material Polypropylene Pelican Case
Dimensions (cm) 66.675 x 58.42 x 40.9575 cm (26.25x 23.0 x 16.125)
Weight 39.5 Kg